Note– iRobot was founded by two MIT alumni and one MIT professor. That’s why I resorted to emailing them directly when normal channels failed… 



I’m a fellow alum, and a really, really frustrated iRobot customer.  I have no idea how detailed of customer service records you guys keep, but FWIW my order number is XXXXXX9644. I received, as a gift, a 560, which stopped working less than a day after I started running it. (rec’d 11/29, died 11/30.) The brushes stopped spinning.  I initially emailed customer service about this but got no response.  After about three non-responsive days, I called.  After spending 30+ minutes on hold, I was told that a new Cleaning Head Assembly would be sent out ASAP. (Dec. 3) A few minutes after that I got an email essentially saying, “Whoops!!!  That part is on back order.  We don’t know when it will be in.” 

After several fruitless emails and phone conversations about WHEN the part would arrive, I finally gave up and called Sales (which, funny enough, DOESN’T PUT PEOPLE ON HOLD FOR 30 MINUTES!!!) last Friday, 12/14.  I was told that a replacement unit and mailing label would go out to me this week, and an email would confirm the shipment.   After not receiving any emails, I called back yesterday (12/19) to check, and was told that actually I was only being sent the return label, not the new unit.  Supposedly, a return label was emailed to my mother (who had ordered the Roomba for me.)  She never received such an email.  I was told one would be emailed to me directly.  It still hasn’t turned up, even though the sales people I’ve spoken to insist it’s been sent out and we’ve verified my email address. 

Now, I get to wait for the label to arrive via snail mail.  The replacement unit won’t ship out to me until the mail system tracks that the broken unit is on its way back to iRobot.  I told the most recent sales lady that I was instructing my mom to stop payment on her VISA card until this matter was resolved, and she told me if I did that then they would not send out a new unit, since it wasn’t paid for.  Heh.   

Frankly, it doesn’t matter how good your product is if your customer services sucks.  Initially I was hesitant to use your alumni email addresses for something like this, but I’m really beyond that now.  I am so ticked off at the sheer arrogance of this company.  This was not an insignificant amount of money for my family—normally we give much, much smaller gifts at Christmas, but my mom and siblings were trying to help me out because I have a very large family and a lot of cleaning to do.  Yet all I’ve gotten from you guys so far, in exchange for over $300, is a broken unit, and a bunch of empty promises.  The technology may be cool, but the basic human respect factor has been completely lost here. 

Margaret XXXXX XXXX ’93

Update 12/21

I sincerely apologize for the back order and poor customer service you received with your new Roomba 560. Your replacement will be shipped to you immediately. We truly appreciate your feedback and will work to correct these problems in our Technical Support organization. If you have any further concerns, please contact me directly. 

Kind regards, 

Maryellen Xxxx

Director Technical Support

iRobot Corporation