The replacement 560 unit that I was promised would go out immediately is on backorder.

I learned this from my mother. She actually ordered the Roomba for me, as a gift. So she got an email stating it was backordered right after I got the email down below, from the head of Technical Support, that a replacement was coming post haste.

My mom also received in the “real” mail on Christmas Eve the postage-paid return label for me to return the defective 560. Again, bear in mind, I’m the owner of the Roomba, and my mother and I live on opposite coasts. And the customer service person I spoke to on the phone last week verified my address correctly before sending out the label.

So I’m really at a loss at this point. I don’t know what to make of this company. I’ve read glowing reviews about their outstanding customer service, how iRobot will bend over backwards to keep the customer happy. Yet I keep encountering employees who don’t seem to know their a**** from their elbows, and don’t seem to place any importance whatsoever on keeping the customer correctly informed, much less happy.

Update 12/28:

The replacement unit arrived early this evening via UPS.  I have put it through its paces briefly.  So far, it is working wonderfully.  We’ll see if this one holds up…  I still have no idea why all those conflicting email messages were flying around.

Update 12/29:

It’s still running.  The baby still thinks it’s his new best friend, and follows it around.

The latest crazy customer service update has me puzzled, though– today, I received in the mail a postage-paid return UPS label.  It had my mother’s name on it, but was addressed to my home address.  This wasn’t the one my mom received at her house and forwarded on.  It was a completely different label sent out to this hybrid person with my mother’s name and my address…