April 2008

Another outstanding article by Jennifer Roback Morse.  I’m so glad she’s on our side… 

The subject of this panel is “Bringing Home and Frying up the Bacon: Home versus Work.” I am here to say that women have been poorly served by the way work and home balance has been framed. The trend of increasing educational attainment and labor force participation of married women began at the turn of the twentieth century, well before the modern feminist movement. The 1960-style feminism assigned a particular meaning to these trends and drove them into a very specific channel. In my view, this direction has been almost entirely destructive.

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..and he has Down Syndrome, which she knew before he was born.  Sarah Palin is a young, energetic, pro-life Republican woman.

Sarah Palin for VP, anybody?  Are you listening, John McCain?  She beats Carly Fiorino hands down!!!

Awesomely amazing video about the Catholic Church. 

Click here, scroll down, and click on “Epic.” 

If you’re so inclined, give, so gems like this can air on television. 

HT: Dale Price

The editing on this is so funny.

The always-articulate Dawn Eden has a terrific interview up at Right Wing News

But, giving your heart is something one can learn how to do better and better over the course of a lifetime… But, the more you learn to do it before you’re married, the happier your marriage is going to be.

Tole et lege.

Late last night, I received a dreadful phone call from the hospital.  A dear friend’s four-year-old son was in a sedated coma following a freak accident in the back yard. My husband and I just started praying like mad, with many tears mixed in, and got the word out to family and friends to pray for this poor little fellow.  We fell asleep fully expecting that he would not make it through the night, or if he did survive, to be badly brain-damaged.

This morning, he woke up right as rain.  Recognized his folks, asked for his blankie.  Docs say they find no evidence of any damage.  It boggles the mind.

God is so good.  This was such a miracle.  It really drove home to me once again how precious every day, and every person in our day is.  Sometimes I bemoan how quickly the children are growing up, and far too often, how slowly, sloooowly they are growing up and learning to behave.  Events like this are a knock on the head from God to just stop and give thanks to Him, and savor the beauty of the moment.