May 2008

Sadly, I will be out of state for this conference— I would dearly love to attend.  Speakers include Archbishop Burke, Janet Smith, Ray Dennehy…  Wow.  Kudos to Bishop Vigneron of Oakland for sponsoring it!

Humanae Vitae Conference


Been meaning to post this for ages.  Put down your drink immediately.

One does not simply...

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The Organization Formerly Known as the Hemlock Society, in conjunction with the Usual Suspects in the legislature, is trying to legalize euthanasia in California via stealth.  Instead of legal injections, let’s allow “terminal sedation”– i.e. sedate the patient into unconsciousness, then dehydrate and starve said patient to death à la Terri Schiavo. 

Get more information at Catholics for the Common Good, then call your legislator immediately.  Don’t bother emailing– pick up the phone if at all possible, or else send a fax that includes your full name and mailing address.  Most staffers just keep a running yes/no tally of feedback from constituents, which is why you need to include your address.  Emails normally don’t carry the same weight as calls and faxes, so please take the extra thirty seconds to make it count!

There is a lengthy, detailed and pretty darned civil conversation on this topic running over at Fr. Z’s place…