June 2008

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…The press has voluntarily surrendered its own freedom in order to advance the stifling cause of political correctness and the endless restrictions on liberty to which PC is dedicated. When Al Gore can tell the press not to report dissenting scientific opinion on global warming, and the press dutifully obeys, that press is no longer free. When the press silences itself rather than report good news, that press is no longer free.

I know this story is about Canada, but Americans had better pay attention, this is not about a nation; it’s about a mindset. This story and the next one are about what you might call the United Far-Left States, which is multinational, borderless and faithful to no ideal but its own need to control.   

(Emphasis added)


St. Josemar�a, the \

You and your family are invited to
a Mass celebrating the feast of
St. Josemaría Escrivá,
Founder of Opus Dei

Thursday, June 26, 2008, at 7:00 p.m.
St. Francis of Assisi Church
860 Oak Grove Rd., Concord, CA 94518-3461

Principal Celebrant
Most Rev. Allen H. Vigneron
Bishop of Oakland

For more information about St. Josemaría, go to www.opusdei.org
Sacrament of Reconciliation available starting at 6:30 p.m.

My oldest daughter has been attending for years, loves it, and is going back this year as a junior counselor.  The camp has become so popular that the organizers added a second session this year, which means spaces are still available!  It strikes a terrific balance between POD stuff for the girls (Mass, Rosary, catechism, etc.) and good, old-fashioned camp fun.  Check it out! 

…to the suggestion to “Get those tubes tied!”

Um, no thanks, I think they should keep racing ’til one of them wins.

-“Funnyyetsavvy” at Catholic Answers Forums.