Read Cardinal Egan’s amazing letter and pass it on.  And please say a Memorare for a personal intention of mine.

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“Messiah is above my pay grade.” 

about the Scandal of the Unasked Question.  Indeed.

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus has been writing an outstanding series on the primacy of the free exercise clause of the First Amendment. 

Once we forget that no-establishment is a means and instrument in support of free exercise, it is a short step to talking about the supposed conflict or tension between the two provisions. And from there it is a short step to the claim, as it has been claimed in numerous court decisions, that the two parts of the religion clause are “pitted against one another” and must somehow be “balanced.”

And from there it is but another short step to the idea that the no-establishment provision protects “secular liberty” while the free exercise provision protects “religious liberty.” When the religion clause is construed according to this curious inversion, it is no surprise that religious liberty comes out the loser. Any impingement of religion upon public life is taken to violate the secular liberty of the non-religious. Thus has no-establishment become the master of the free exercise that it was designed to serve.

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…yesterday, I went in about noonish after Mass for two dozen bagels to feed the hungry mob at home.  I was really pleasantly supplied at how well-stocked they were with all our favorites– usually noon on a Sunday means pretty slim pickings at the bagel store.

But not yesterday.  Overflowing bins.

So I give the man my order, and as he finishes boxing it up, he asks if we’ve pre-ordered any challah bread.

Huh?  “No,” I say, “Just the bagels and a cup of coffee.”

“So,” he says, “These are for tomorrow?”

Double Huh?!??!?  “No,” I say, “they’re for my eight children sitting at home waiting for their lunch!”

Then, the light dawns, and I ask, “Is tomorrow Rosh Hashanah?”  Sure enough…

You know, I grew up in New York.  Time was, I would’ve figured out where this was all going as soon as the words “challah bread” left his mouth.  How California changes people…


Pray for our persecuted brethren.  May the blood of the martyrs be the seed of the church. 








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